NeuroTechX 2018 Student Club Competition

Merlin Neurotech @ Queen’s University just submitted their final project for the 2018 student club competition hosted by NeuroTechX.

Our project is called WizardHat, a modular and flexible python API for the streaming and manipulating of EEG data for BCI development.
To learn more, check out our youtube video, and to test it out yourself, here is our project’s github.

Merlin will spend the next few months refining and improving our WizardHat platform for distributed use by our current and future members. We will be assembling a beginner’s guide for those interested in joining our club and developing brain-computer interfaces.

If you are interested in early-involvement and taking on an executive role in club leadership, send us an email through our contact us page. Other interested members will have the opportunity to apply in the Fall semester of 2018. Keep a lookout for details about the information session around that time.