About Us

We are excited to announce the formation of a new student club at Queen’s University: the Merlin Neurotechnology Club. We’re a group of undergraduate and graduate students who are passionate about the development of a neurotechnology community at Queen’s.

What is neurotechnology?

Neurotechnology is a vast interdisciplinary field that encompasses any kind of technological development involving the brain. This includes imaging, stimulation, invasive devices, and even genetic and cellular techniques. Our club will focus on BCIs: brain-computer interfaces. We’re really excited about developing technology that allows direct communication between brains and computers. Yep. We want to control computers with the power of thought, and we’re not alone! In the past 6 months, both Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg have announced major BCI development projects, leading to an industry explosion and a race to design the most functional neurotechnology.

Why is it called “Merlin” Neurotech?

The founders of this club were heavily influenced by this awesome write-up by Wait But Why. The author jokes that the goal of Elon Musk’s Neuralink initiative is to build a “wizard hat for the brain,” and we’ve decided that our goals are no less lofty. As powerful as he is, “Gandalf Neurotech” just didn’t have the same ring to it.

How do you plan to develop this club?

Fortunately for us, a blueprint exists. NeuroTechX is a non-profit organization that aims to provide a framework for the development of an international neurotechnology community. They are working to provide neurotechnology enthusiasts from all disciplines and all corners of the globe with the knowledge, resources, and connections to dive into this exciting field. They have a very active online community, open-source coding and development platforms, and industry partnerships- there are currently NeuroTechX chapters in 18 cities and 11 universities worldwide! They will be providing us with commercial EEG (electroencephalography) devices to begin recording brain signals; we plan to start by reproducing some simple EEG experiments, then we’ll move on to more exciting projects as our skills develop.

How can I get involved?

We’re currently still in the process of officially ratifying our club with Queen’s, and while we get the ball rolling we’re hoping to keep things small. That said, if you’re keen to be a part of our club, or if you have any questions about what we do, shoot us an email at mnc@clubs.queensu.ca. We’ll also be posting updates on our projects on this blog as we start wizard hat development, so check back here for more info!